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How to read the electronic meter

If you have already tried to turn on the electronic meter at least once, you will have noticed that by pressing the reading button several times you can view various data, and below we see together some information that you can view:

Customer number that identifies your user and POD (Point of Delivery) code that identifies the point of supply of electricityTime slotsInstant power viewable only with some electronic meters

Reading of consumption in the various time bands, this is the data used to communicate the self-reading to your supplierDate and timeIn short, an electronic meter allows you to get a lot of information about your consumption quickly and easily.

Reputation meaningReputation in the sociological field is a concept that refers to the credibility that a person, company or other entity has within a social group.What is the right to be forgotten

The right to be forgotten is a particular form of guarantee that presumes the non-disclosure of data or information that may have the ability to create a precedent prejudicial to the honor of a specific person, company or brand. It is a right that can be requested without particular reasons and used to remove sensitive information from the web.Digital Reputation what it is

Online reputation, also known as digital reputation, is a collection and monitoring activity of online activity related to a service, project, product or event and sets its trend so that companies, celebrities or individuals can improve their reputation on online platforms.
Removing links from Google how to proceed

In order for you to be able to remove your links from the Google search engine, you must make use of the right to be forgotten. After contacting the owner of the website containing the contents to be deleted and they do not want to remove them, it is advisable to opt for the right to be forgotten.Right to be forgotten and web reputation

Web reputation and the right to be forgotten are inextricably linked, being able to protect your online reputation by removing unwanted content thanks to the right to be forgotten guarantees a fast and radical solution to protect the brand and turnover.

How much is your reputation worth?

The value of one’s reputation, whether inherent to one’s work or to the person, cannot be quantified. A bad online reputation limits turnover and considerably damages the brand’s ability to expand.

Check online reputation: what does it mean

When we argue about checking, or rather about monitoring online reputation, we refer to the possibility of being able to objectively analyze reviews, opinions and consumer feedback. Through the Reputation Manager it is possible to keep the online reputation under control.

Offense of defamation via the internet what it is

Art. 595 c.p. defines the crime of defamation as “Anyone who, apart from the cases indicated in the previous article, communicates with more people, offends the reputation of others”.

This definition also when the reputation of a person or company is offended through non-direct communication which, however, can be read or received by two or more people.Beware of defamation what it is for

When an individual, company or directly affected person defames, he or she may be invited, through a warning, to stop doing so without taking legal action. A warning can be very useful if you do not want to take legal action and resolve the problem directly with the defamatory source.


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