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In shortDigital Republic is the national strategic initiative that aims to combat the digital cultural divide present in the Italian population, support maximum digital inclusion and promote .

Fundamental to achieving this goal is the activity of the National Coalition for digital skills, made up of public and private entities that adhere to the Manifesto for the Digital Republic, proposing concrete actions capable of producing measurable and quantifiable results.

Citizens: reduction of the digital divide and development of key skills for a new form of active citizenship and a more inclusive democratic participation; acquisition during higher education and training cycles of key skills for the jobs of the future.

Public administration: acquisition of digital skills and key competences by personnel at various levels of administration and in different roles, in order to accompany public administrations in the process of digital transformation.

Businesses: acquisition of digital skills and key skills by personnel at all levels and in different sectors, in order to support the growth of businesses, also through the development of new professional figures and, in particular, for the ICT sector; creation of integrated paths between schools, universities, research and businesses.

Role of the Department

The Department for Digital Transformation coordinates the Technical Guidance Committee which, in addition to defining the National Strategy for digital skills and its Operational Plan, follows its implementation and monitoring with the support, among others, of the organizations belonging to the Coalition National, promoted by the Department for digital transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Forum Italia, join the discussion

To share, through dialogue and comparison, knowledge and experiences on the world of digital skills and plan new initiatives together, visit the section of Forum Italia reserved for the Digital Republic. Your contribution will be an important stimulus for the creation of synergies and collaborations so that the proposed initiatives can achieve the maximum possible impact.

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