Ecology equals monitoring


Ecology. Green Economy. Smart City. These are just some of the keywords of the last decade. Attention to these issues (fortunately) has been greatly accentuated. How is it possible to take more and more steps towards a green economy?

Sustainable monitoring and cybersecurity seem to be new keywords. In fact, cyber security has a lot to learn from ecological dynamics!Let’s see together in this article why.What is sustainable cybersecurity?

Environmental sustainability focuses on economic, social and environmental development. By avoiding the exhaustion of resources, we can continue to expand responsibly.Sustainable cybersecurity reflects these values ​​in the digital environment. A data “environment” is very similar to the natural one!

Just as the earth is protected from pollution, so we protect our digital spaces. From what? Malware, ransomware, database contamination. For this, cybersecurity can learn a lot from ecological movements.

This creates a sustainable cybersecurity: through continuous monitoring it is possible to avoid an overproduction of data. Let’s take the example of a DDoS attack: the spam of continuous messages pollutes the environment and causes damage.

For this, the best way to maintain a sustainable digital environment (but also physical) is by monitoring. By proactively monitoring the environment, it is ensured that resources are always accessible.Continuous monitoring promotes sustainable cybersecurity

As we have seen, . Even in digital spaces!Every day, information leaks create “data dumps”.

87% of millennials are more willing to buy from sustainable companies. At the same time, another study states that 51% of them have lost data from their smartphones; moreover, 18% do not use a password to protect their devices.

There is a lot of attention on product sustainability, but too little on the digital one! Computer hygiene therefore remains a problem.The solution to protecting data lies in creating a sustainable cybersecurity environment.


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