Digital twin software


Italian marketAmong the digital twin software on the Italian market we point out:3D Experience Platform, Dassault SystèmesSuite which includes: Catia and Solidworks 3D design software; Enovia collaborative innovation software;

Delmia global operations software; the Simulia simulation software; the GeoVia natural resource simulation and modeling software; the PLM Analytics, Customer Support & Service Analytics Exalead software;

3DVia 3D space planning software; BioVia R&D software for chemical research and materials science; Netvibes dashboard intelligence software; 3DExcite advanced real-time 3D visualization software; CentricPLM product innovation software. Available on-premise and in public or private cloud.

Teamcenter, SiemensAlso available in a preconfigured version (Rapid Start), Teamcenter is a suite that has several functions: it combines all MCAD data in a single product data management environment to also manage the life cycle of materials; provides a source of information and management on the company’s bill of materials (BOM); combines various levels of product development

(mechanical, electrical, software) with cost, reliability and feasibility (Systems Driven Product Development); automates the internal modification and revision workflow; provides advanced documentation tools; combines all electrical CAD data into a single product data management environment; provides environmental sustainability framework;

creates virtual prototypes starting from MCAD formats but compatible with augmented reality devices; integrates supplier management; manages the simulation processes; has advanced research, analytics and reporting tools. Available on-premise, in the cloud, SaaS.

Ansys Twin Builder

Multi-function suite that combines the simulation capabilities of multidomain systems with rapid HMI prototyping, systems optimization and XIL validation tools. It supports 0D application-specific libraries, is easily integrated with IIoT platforms, takes advantage of dynamic memory locations to perform predictive maintenance on the product.

Reduced-Order Modeling (ROM) capabilities generate accurate and efficient system-level models from detailed 3D physics simulations. Twin Builder easily integrates embedded control software and HMI design to support model-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop flows to test embedded control performance with physical system models. Available on-premise and in the cloud.

Oracle PLM for Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing

The Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud PLM software is integrated within the Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing suite. The software includes: the Innovation Management Cloud to simulate possible scenarios;

the Product Development Cloud to improve product registration and collaboration with suppliers; the Quality Management Cloud to define, analyze and optimize the quality of products and services; the Product

Data Hub Cloud to manage product data and multi-channel commerce, with data collected and updated in a single solution; the Configurator Cloud, to customize and configure products and services by testing the business logic, model behavior and user experience before release. Available in the cloud (Saas).


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