Digital transformation – why, how and when?


Digital transformation – definition

Digital transformation is defined as the integration of digital technology with all areas of the company’s operations. Thanks to it, it is possible to use the collected data to create innovative services and expand the existing offer. The scope of digital transformation includes activities related to the modification of business and organizational processes. Its aim is to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technological solutions. It assumes the use of solutions in the field of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Digital transformation can be completely different for every company. For this reason, it is difficult to provide a definition that applies to all enterprises.

Practical use of digital transformation

Airbnb, thanks to modern technologies, has introduced a new way of implementing long-known services to the market. The application is a platform that connects two groups – people looking for accommodation with those who have apartments for rent. Users liked the solution so much that currently Airbnb is valued at $ 10 billion. The company is placed on a par with the world’s largest hotel chains.

There are more and more companies that have implemented an innovative business model using new technologies. This group includes giants such as Uber or Netflix.
There are also examples of digital transformation on the Polish market. The use of mobile technologies in Polish banks means that complicated and requiring high security standards operations are performed with one “click” – eg BLIK payments.
The Naspers Group, the owner of the OLX website, has built a comprehensive BI class solution.

  • It allows you to manage terabytes of generated information and its detailed analysis.
  • Conclusions drawn on this basis allow for the improvement of operational activities in accordance with the “data-driven business” approach.
  • Access to huge collections of information in real time allows you to implement improvements on a regular basis, immediately responding to customer needs.


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