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But the study also notes another entirely Italian phenomenon, namely the low number of data beaches notified to the Guarantor – an operation required, in specific cases, by the law – in the period between the entry into force of the GDPR and January 27, 2021. (3,460 in all, against a number of notifications equal to 77,747 in Germany).

This framework means that – when a cyber incident occurs – companies lack a careful examination and consequent assessment of the real need to proceed with the notification. Hypothesis confirmed by a data found in the survey:

only 26% of the Italian companies interviewed carry out an in-depth analysis on a case-by-case basis, with the risk, therefore, of non-compliance with the resulting obligations, pursuant to the legislation.We inform you that from 27 September 2021 it will be possible to make requests for intervention from EFT Lombardia, through the platform

In application of the provisions of art. 1, cc 725 and 726 of Law 145 of 30.12.2018, the central administration has selected 120 expert teachers on digital issues, thus setting up the territorial training teams.The Lombardy territorial training team is a working group consisting of seventeen teachers, whose names and contacts are listed in Annex 1, who operate with the common goal of:

provide collaboration, support and accompaniment to teaching staff on digital issues;
promote actions to enhance students’ skills through innovative teaching methodologies;
promote PNSD initiatives on the territory.

Structured training initiatives remain entrusted to the subjects currently in charge of the MIUR. EFT Lombardy Coordinator Dr. Nicoletta Falcone – [email protected] Formazione.itThe team’s activities and materials can be consulted on the dedicated website tThe team will operate in four areas, further articulated according to the detailed scheme shown in Annex 2:

Area 1 – support and accompaniment within local schools for the development and dissemination of solutions for the creation of digital environments with innovative and sustainable methodologies;

Area 2 – promotion and support for the creation of new training models aimed at methodological – didactic innovation, the development of , digital citizenship, digital economy, media education;

Area 3 – promotion, support and accompaniment for the design and implementation of laboratory training courses for teachers on educational and digital innovation in order to encourage the animation and participation of school communities through the organization of workshops and / or training laboratoriesArea 4 – documentation of the experiments in progress in the field of innovative teaching methodologies, monitoring and evaluation of the training actions adopted.

The teaching staff members of the team will be involved in the following ways:

directly from individual schools or from groupings / networks of schools – for interventions related to the actions described above;by the provincial representatives of the PNSD – as an instrument of intervention and dissemination in the individual provincial realities;by the future labs of Lombardy – to support the training activities carried out, in the monitoring of the fallout or for follow-up activities on trained teachers;
by the USR – in all regional initiatives of the PNSD (dissemination of calls, dissemination of initiatives, organizational support).


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