Digital system and practical application


How will the monitoring platform work?

The new monitoring platform, which will use IBM’s artificial intelligence, will make use of drones, IoT (Internet of Things) and 3D digital modeling of Fincantieri NexTech to radically innovate the surveillance and monitoring activities of over 4,500 works on the ASPI motorway network, greatly increasing the efficiency and transparency of these processes.
How will site inspections take place with the new digital monitoring system?

The inspectors will be able to carry out checks on the conditions of each work by accessing in real time, via a tablet, all the information that characterizes it: calculations and drawings of the original project and subsequent interventions; scheduled checks and maintenance; material investigations and tests; outcomes and details of previous inspections.

Using the same tablet, the inspector will directly insert all the details and photos taken during the inspection into the new digital system, making them immediately available to the appointed company structures.

Highway monitoring: how will the system software work?

The new software tracks and manages all the various steps necessary for the care of the infrastructures: from the organization and conduct of inspections, to the planning and implementation of maintenance or adaptation activities, according to clear priority criteria shared with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The system is also introducing advanced technologies made available by Fincantieri NexTech, never before used on Italian motorway networks, such as the possibility of analyzing a work through a three-dimensional “digital twin”, which faithfully reproduces all its characteristics with the

” use of drones equipped with topographic laser-scanners and very high resolution cameras, which create real “tac” of the surfaces. A specially developed system will support technicians in the recognition and classification of defects and in scheduling maintenance activities.

The platform is in use from today on the 430 works of the two motorway sections of Cassino and Bari and will be progressively extended by the end of the year on all the 1,943 bridges and 2,000 overpasses of the Autostrade per l’Italia network.

During 2021, its application will be extended to the maintenance processes of bridges and overpasses and to all 587 tunnels of the network where, thanks to the Digital Twin, it will be possible to implement an innovative instrumental monitoring model, performed with Industrial IoT sensors by

Fincantieri NexTech and state-of-the-art technological solutions, which will make it possible to analyze the progress of the structural engineering parameters of the work, both static and dynamic, and the construction of algorithms for assessing behavior in operation and during the maintenance phases.

In the same year, dynamic weighing systems will also be introduced, which will allow both to check compliance with the weight limits authorized for Exceptional Transits when entering the motorway, and to monitor in real time the behavior of infrastructures when heavy vehicles pass.
New algorithms and parameters in terms of infrastructure safety

The technologies deployed by Autostrade Tech, IBM and Fincantieri NexTech will also make it possible to experiment, on a scientific level, new models, algorithms and parameters in terms of infrastructure safety. For this purpose, a Technical-Scientific Committee has been set up by Autostrade Tech, in which the Polytechnic Universities of Trento, Turin, Rome,

Naples and Milan participate, which has the task of coordinating these experimental activities, defining new operational procedures that will later be agree with MIT. The first research project will be dedicated to the use of the most modern sensors for monitoring the behavior of infrastructures.


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