Digital reputation monitoring


On the internet you can find everythingIf you do extensive research, even more things may come out than what is publishedFurthermore, in most cases, online reputation is taken as the only benchmark and that is why it is so extremely important.

For this reason, taking care of one’s digital reputation is of fundamental importance: it must in fact be monitored at any time and managed actively and in the right way. Only in this way can you be able to optimize it and bring your services or your brand to the top.
How can I track my digital reputation?

To optimize your reputation on the web, it is essential to constantly monitor it and manage it in the best possible way. Before seeing what are the main and most effective tools to do this, let’s see what can happen if you Google the name of your brand or company. Following this test, you may find yourself in one of the three situations described below.

1) Your reputation is absolutely negativeIf there are numerous negative opinions about you on the web, then you are starting from a largely unfavorable situation. As we have seen above, the world of the Internet does not forget anything and you can really find everything there.

For this reason, unpleasant news may also come out, perhaps even belonging to the distant past, but which are always present on the Internet, especially if published by authoritative newspapers. In order to solve this problem, you need to:

Rely on a specialized lawyerAsk the newspaper to remove the newsRely on a digital reputation expertBy doing this, you can regain your reputation and start your online adventure all over again.

2) On the web you are practically anonymousInstead, it may happen that your online reputation is practically non-existent, and therefore turns out to be a real anonymous. We have seen previously that it is probably better to have negative reviews than not to have them.

This is because a negative situation (such as the one observed in the previous point) can be reversed and improved, while if you start completely from scratch, the situation is more complicated.

In this case, the only thing to do is to strengthen your online identity. Let’s see how:Create your siteShare your content on the main social networksBy doing this you can start making yourself known on the web and then grow gradually.

3) Enjoy a good online reputationIf your online reputation is already good, then you are in a good position. So you start from an excellent base, but you must continue to work well to always improve your situation, without ever letting your guard down.: here are the best toolsonline reputation monitoring

As mentioned above, to monitor your digital reputation you can rely on specific tools, through the use of which you can get a more complete picture of your situation.1) Google AlertGoogle Alert is undoubtedly one of the best. It is a very intuitive tool: for this reason it is very simple to use and moreover, it is completely free.

Through its use it is possible to monitor your online reputation at any time, to check all the pages that contain certain keywords.Thanks to the automatic alerts function, Google Alert will send you a notification whenever someone names the keywords you track. Warnings can also be checked and edited.


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