Digital Care Programme


The NVZ’s ambition is to jacob eleazer  have 25% fewer physical outpatient clinic visits by 2021 through the use of digital care. Hospitals affiliated jacob eleazer  with the NVZ can view their progress in achieving this  jacob eleazer objective in the Digital Care Monitor.

DHD has developed the apamonitor Digital Care Monitor on behalf of the. The monitor uses data from the National Basic Register Hospital Care apamonitor  (LBZ). Hospitals can see in the monitor which part of the consultations were conducted digitally and can compare this share with  apamonitor other hospitals.

Monitor-digital-zorg.PNGFor more insight, digital  the hospital can further subdivide its own digital consultations into, among other things, the type of digital consultation (such as digital  video calling or telemonitoring), specialism, diagnosis digital group and age of the patient.

Access to the Digital Care MonitorAuthorized users can find the monitor under the Production heading in the DHD dashboard and via  Employees of hospitals that are affiliated with the NVZ and participate in the monitor can gain access easily and at no extra cost.

Additional information in the DHD dashboard

In addition to the Digital Care Monitor, the DHD dashboard also contains the Sales Prices Benchmark, the Contract Appointments Monitor, information about your market shares, GP referral behaviour, the Patient Monitor, the Care Profile Benchmark and the Medicines Monitor. In addition, you can analyze the LBZ indicators in the dashboard.

BVDW publishes KI-Monitor 2021At the end of August, the BVDW published the second KI monitor together with the IW Cologne.The annual report, which is prepared in cooperation with the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, examines the progress of artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany’s economy and society as well as the prevailing framework conditions.

In the current year 2021, the AI ​​index is 123 points. Compared to the base year 2019, the status quo of AI in Germany has improved by more than 23 percent. An increase of 15 percent can be seen compared to 2020.

The AI ​​monitor shows a positive trend in the progress of artificial intelligence. In addition, it becomes clear that the economy continues to be the biggest driver of artificial intelligence in Germany:

At 17.33 index points, the contribution of the economy is even greater than the overall development. All five indicators used to look at the economy have developed positively: there have been more patent applications, the use of AI in companies has almost doubled, the focus on AI in annual reports has increased by more than 80 percent and the demand for

AI specialists also grew strongly. There is also a positive trend in companies’ assessment of the importance of AI. In contrast, the other two categories examined, “Framework conditions” (-0.32 percentage points) and “Society” (-0.74 percentage points), developed slightly negatively.

Study author Dr. Henry Goecke (IW) is critical of this development: “The negative development in the factors framework and society, on the other hand, shows that there are still obstacles when it comes to AI.

The AI ​​monitor makes this measurable as an index. ”The general conditions show that fewer scientific publications on AI have been published. In addition, AI was discussed less often than before in the Bundestag. The “Society” category shows a slightly negative trend, as the indicator “Search interest in AI on Google” has decreased significantly, although awareness of AI among the population has developed positively overall.

From the BVDW’s point of view, the following steps are therefore necessary: ​​Among other things, more knowledge about AI must be created among employees, specialists and citizens. In addition, technology-neutral and application-related regulation is necessary for trustworthy, transparent artificial intelligence. The BVDW recently made a statement on this at EU level. For the German business location, the “data economy” factor must also be promoted.


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