Digital baby monitor: one device among many


A child is always a symbol of the future uams open checkbook  and pushes us to look forward. The combination may seem strange, but it is similar to what technology does: it forces us to think about tomorrow. And for some time now, even the most rebellious of us have been familiarizing themselves with the technologies that are increasingly present in our lives. That’s why if a baby has arrived in our house, let’s think of a digital baby monitor.

Until a few decades ago, talking about a “smart” home was science fiction. Today, most of uams open checkbook  the appliances we use at home are digital and intelligent: from lights that adapt to the brightness level of the room to thermostats and washing machines.

It is natural to seek and find a balance between home and technology, for the benefit of uams open checkbook  comfort and safety. And who of us ever separates from the smartphone? This is why when a newborn arrives, we naturally think of the digital baby monitor.Digital baby monitor: evolution

We know that baby monitors are used to remotely monitor the baby when we cannot be physically next to him. Sons of the old radios and walkie talkies, they have evolved from apa monitor jobs  simple intercoms to a wider functionality.

Most baby monitors today look like small surveillance cameras, which transmit audio and video of the baby. But they also have additional functions, such as monitoring temperature and humidity, transmitting lullabies, rotating following the baby’s movements to never lose apa monitor jobs  sight of him.Digital baby monitor: how it works

Thanks to the connection to the wifi network, these baby monitors connect directly to our smartphone or tablet. The so-called parent unit, therefore, becomes the smartphone that apa monitor jobs  receives what the child unit transmits.

The manufacturers of baby monitors release special apps that we can download like the dozens of apps that populate our mobile phones.
Digital baby monitor: no more problems

Classic baby monitors have a fairly limited range of action. In the open field this is around a few hundred meters. Inside a house, however, it is drastically reduced, up to a few tens of meters. Furthermore, if we organize ourselves to entrust our baby to others (for example to a babysitter when we get back to work) it becomes impossible to follow what happens in our absence.

On the other hand, if the baby monitor connects to our smartphone, both of these problems are solved: we no longer have range limits and wherever we are we can see our child in real time. This latter aspect becomes a support and a control for the nanny as well.Digital baby monitor: additional functions

We have seen that there are many additional functions besides audio and video transmission. In the case of sensors to monitor the climate in the child’s room, for example, it is possible to receive a notification on the smartphone if the temperature and humidity deviate from the preset parameters.Digital baby monitor: other additional functions

Or we can zoom in to see some details better, fix images of our child or start the lullabies when we see that he starts having tantrums. Through the specific app it is possible to manage any parameter and receive the related notifications.Digital baby monitor: the advantages

Faced with a generally higher cost, this type of baby monitor offers significant advantages over the classic ones. Thanks to the connection with the smartphone, it is possible to alternate in the control of the child, for example between father and mother.

It will also be possible to show the baby to other relatives who do not live in the house and for various reasons do not have the opportunity to attend us.Digital baby monitor: other benefits

When our child is older, we can let him play in the garden with his friends and make sure there is no trouble. And if we decide to go on vacation, a campsite or a caravan will not be a problem: we will arrange the baby unit in the best possible way and check the situation in complete safety.

Or, if we have to entrust the baby to third parties accompanying him to their home, it will be sufficient to bring the baby unit there and position it correctly. Psychologically, it is now much more immediate to manage an app than to learn how yet another home gadget works.Digital baby monitor: aspects to be evaluated

As for the specific apps, they are usually free but it’s always good to check that out. The key thing is to ensure compatibility with your device. There are apps compatible with Apple and Android and you need to make sure before purchasing. Another aspect concerns the power supply, often with rechargeable battery of which we must check the type and duration, charging time and autonomy, ease of finding it when we need to replace it.


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