By means of the door monitoring system


Examples of application of door monitoring systems

In a building with many entrances, staff must ensure, before the end of the working day, that all doors are closed. In a rather large building complex, the daily inspection of all the doors involved can be time consuming. Thanks to the door monitoring system it is possible to ask which door is open or not locked. As a result, doors can be identified and closed in a targeted manner.

In the case of fire barriers, it must be ensured that they are always closed. Only in this way is it possible to ensure that a possible fire does not spread. , facility managers are informed immediately if one of these barriers is. Image tag: “Door status monitoring” open. If a claim for damages is made following a fire, you should be absolutely able to prove that all fire barriers were closed.

A further example is the doors of pharmacy racks or cabinets. This specific type of door is subject to clearly regulated safety directives. Sensitive data or prescription drugs must be protected from unauthorized access. Only an intelligent door status monitoring system can perform these functions, since these are doors regularly opened by staff.

However, if one of these doors remains open for too long, perhaps because someone forgot to lock it, a warning must be issued to remedy this security breach.% buffered00:0001:22Conditions for installing the digital door status monitoring systemIn order to install a door or door status monitoring system, digital access control is required.

Access control allows authorized persons to enter the property or certain areas. The principle that guarantees the safety of people or things is always the same: “Who, when and where is authorized to access?”.

Therefore, the access control in connection with the door status monitoring system defines the authorizations, individually adaptable, for groups of people. In this regard, both local and temporal limitations can be envisaged.

Digital access control consists of at least three different elements. On the one hand, the digital lock, with which all monitoring and control functions for the respective door are carried out.

On the other hand, the identification support, which replaces the traditional key and guarantees access to the respective door. The third component is represented by the centralized control of the system, in which access authorizations are centrally managed and sent to the digital lock and to the identification medium.

SimonsVoss – Your expert in digital access systems with door status monitoring

When it comes to access systems, SimonsVoss, a pioneer in digital locking technology, is the first reference partner. Remote-controlled wireless access control systems combine intelligent functionality with the highest “Made in Germany” quality.

Among the leaders in the digital locking technology sector, SimonsVoss designs its systems with a particular Proposal 1: Image tag: “Door monitoring” Proposal 2: Image tag: “Door monitoring” Inventory photo ID: focus on component reliability , powerful software, scalability, ease of use and, last but not least, maximum security.

Thinking and acting in a sustainable way and great attention to employees and partners: this is the key to SimonsVoss’ success. Thanks to the courage to innovate and the offer of advanced solutions, SimonsVoss is always one step ahead with its digital locking systems. Without forgetting, among other things, other functions such as door monitoring or door status:


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