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01 July What is Zabbix Monitoring?Zabbix Monitoring is the system that allows, as the word itself says, to monitor IT environments on a large scale.En Mit Software we have a stable and enterprise-grade platform to perform

Zabbix Monitoring IT Environments, regardless of their size. Among our extensive catalog of services, we have Zabbix monitoring, which offers solutions for information systems environments.

In addition, it is adaptable to any type of infrastructure, services, applications or IT resources. With Zabbix you can monitor anything.Zabbix is ​​a software launched in 2004 at an enterprise level, which takes care of monitoring in real time a huge amount of metrics that are collected in tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices.

With Zabbix you will be able to get the metrics of any device, system or application you need, no matter how big it is.To collect metrics with Zabbix, use the following methods:

  • Controls by agent Zabbix
  • SNMP agent checks
  • SNMP traps
  • IPMI controls
  • Simple controls
  • VMware monitoring
  • Log file monitoring
  • Calculated items
  • Zabbix internal controls
  • SSH controls
  • Telnet controls
  • External controls
  • Controls added
  • trappers
  • JMX monitoring
  • ODBC checks
  • Dependent elements
  • HTTP check
  • Verification checks

En Mit Software we offer you Zabbix Monitoring so you can monitor your network, server, cloud and even services.With this Zabbix Monitoring service, you can collect metrics and data from any device, system or application.

You can monitor your network equipment, communications and systems, in addition, we offer solutions for any type of infrastructure, services, applications and IT resources.zabbix logo What is Zabbix monitoring?

What is Zabbix?Zabbix is ​​an open source software created by Alexei Vladishev, to monitor networks and record the status of various network services, servers and network hardware.It has a simple and fairly flexible web interface, which gives you endless possibilities where plugins can be used to check the status of the platform.

You can run infrastructure (networks and servers), performance and application (APM) monitoring up to  (BAM).What does Zabbixx Mit Software monitoring offer?Scaling in large environments:

Regardless of the size of the environment you want to monitor, with Mit Software’s Zabbix solution you can analyze very small, even huge, environments. In this sense, you can monitor up to 100 devices and process around three million checks per minute and that using mid-range hardware.

Optimized for high performance: With Zabbix you will be able to monitor with a minimum of CPU and memory resources.

This platform is compatible with Linux, UNIX and Windows. The Zabbix server and the Zabbix proxy use various data caching solutions, giving them great performance and reducing the load on the backend database.

High Availability: Zabbix components are immune to network outages, as they efficiently use a data buffer. This is an especially important requirement for a modern IT infrastructure.

Zero maintenance: A Zabbix monitoring server allows you to upgrade to different versions without any problem. This is rare in these systems, as the competition is very difficult to offer upgrade options, so many environments become obsolete over the years.

Security: Using Zabbix monitoring you will have a totally safe environment, where unauthorized people will not be able to enter. This is thanks to the fact that it has an IP detection system that blocks those unauthorized addresses from privileged users.


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