Application case Monitoring


The DAF can use its computational and storage capacity to carry out automatic monitoring activities on issues of public interest or of individual PAs.

MotivationBy its nature, DAF can offer useful tools for the automatic monitoring of phenomena that can be measured by intercepting events and / or retrieving information on the Web and / or on computer systems accessible to the PA.Application casesSupport tools for monitoring the Three-Year PlanSocial media monitoring of the PA

Application case detail sheetsApplication case Tools to support the monitoring of the Three-Year PlanPA involved AgID, Digital TeamIPA datasets used, other datasource to be identified together with

AgIDRoadmap By December 2017Status Pending the definition of the indicators of the Three-Year PlanNotes The team of data scientists and AgID will verify which indicators of the three-year plan lend themselves to being measured automatically by means of the DAF.

Social channels of the PAPA involved Digital TeamDatasets used Data from one or more social networksRoadmap March 2018Status Under studyNotes The minimum output is a dashboard that offers measurements on the use of social networks by

PAs (eg. Rankings of the most active PAs, most followed PAs, etc.). The possibility of creating dashboards useful for monitoring the most discussed topics on the PA channels in real time will also be evaluated, in order to offer a useful tool to speed up the identification of citizens’ needs.

A brief guide to analyze and monitor the progress of the digital publishing plan.

Speaking of the PED, we have dwelt several times on the importance of monitoring your digital plan to understand if the strategy adopted is right or if it is useful to review some things, such as the contents or the dates of publication of the same.

The check will be done according to the results achieved, adopting the interest and involvement of users as a benchmark.All social networks now have tools that allow you to monitor activity. What needs to be done is to commit to reading and interpreting the data, without considering them exclusively as numbers, but as advice that can be transformed into new actions.

Monitor Social MediaIn this article, we will look at the indicators provided by Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.FacebookIt makes the reports on the progress of the pages always available. By clicking on the item “Insight”, in the upper left part of your page, you can access all the data that analyze:

  • the likes on the page: total number and origin, including the number of “no longer likes”;
  • coverage: the number of users who are reached by the posts;
  • the level of involvement: what and how many actions are carried out by users;
  • visits: how many views the page receives and if they come from your site or other related channels;

the posts: the success of the various types of posts based on engagement and coverage; the calculation of the engagement rate; the times of the day when fans are online;videos: number of times the videos on the page are viewed and for how long;

people: the target audience analyzed from the point of view of gender, age, language and geographical origin. With a difference between fans, people just reached and people actually engaged.


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