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SourcesFor this apa psychology jobs  study, use was made of the accessibility statements that are publicly available apa psychology jobs on accessibility The reference date is September 20, 2021.

The collection of psyccareers com  unique domain names under which a website of a government organization runs or domain names psyccareers com  where governments have information for which they are responsible come from various sources:

All web addresses and other data from the accessibility statements on accessibility statement.nlAll web addresses of almanak.overheid.nlAll web addresses of the register government websiteWeb addresses used last year from the 200 OK collection.

7000  unique domain names 

All web apa monitor jobs  addresses have been reduced to unique domain names (without “www.”) and subdomain names. Subsequently, this data was duplicated. 7,633 unique (sub)domain names remained, some  apa monitor jobs of which turned out to be no longer in use.

This year there was little turnaround time to check every web address (automated, semi-automated and manual).  psyccareers jobs that about 6% of domain names may no longer contain a website. Thus, after completion, 7000 working domains remain, this number corresponds to psyccareers jobs last year.

Over the past 2 years, many government organizations have made an inventory of which websites fall under their responsibility. Many old and unsafe websites have been cleaned up. In addition, governments regularly find websites that they did not yet have in their sights.

This also explains that the number of websites has not increased or decreased this year.Past accessibility studiesVarious studies psyccareers  into the digital accessibility of the Dutch government have been carried out in the past 10 years:

Monitor 20202019 baseline measurement of websites and mobile applications (pdf 2.2Mb)Implementation of accessibility standards by Dutch municipalities (2018) (pdf 6 Mb)Digital accessibility of municipal websites psyccareers  (2015) (pdf 2.4 Mb)Municipalities Accessibility Monitor 2011 (pdf 2.4 Mb)

The digital administration has not yet reached the general public. While the citizens of Germany are more and more intensely apa psyccareers  digital in their private and professional life, the use of digital administration is stagnating and satisfaction is falling apa psyccareers  significantly.

But many citizens are open to well-functioning digital interaction with authorities and to new technologies such as ID cards on their smartphones. A comparison of the federal states reveals clear differences in usage and satisfaction – Hamburg leads the way.

Berlin / Munich, October  apa jobs psychology 19, 2021. The use of  apa jobs psychology digital administrative services in Germany remains at a medium level: 52 percent of online users have made use of such services within the last twelve months,

which means that use has fallen slightly (2020: 54 percent) and is still there significantly behind the comparison countries Austria and Switzerland (76 percent and 60 percent respectively). Satisfaction decreased significantly in all three countries in the second year of the pandemic.

This is the result of the study eGovernment MONITOR 2021 by the D21 initiative and the Technical University of Munich under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home Affairs and carried out by Kantar. 7,851 people in Germany were interviewed online for the study (Austria: 1,002 people, Switzerland: 1,004 people).

Dr. Markus Richter, Federal Government Commissioner for Information Technology and State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior: “The demands of citizens on the digital state are increasing continuously.

Anyone who buys online as a matter of psyc careers  course in everyday life and does banking with an app rightly expects such low-threshold offers from the state. To achieve this, we are working intensively on several construction sites.

A central component is the Smart eID, a particularly convenient variant of the online ID function on the smartphone. We are also building user psyc careers  accounts that speak to one another and networking the administration portals of the federal and state governments. We specifically invest in the quality of the offers. ”

Citizens’ demands: Inside digital administration services increase – satisfaction decreases

The satisfaction of the citizens in Germany with the currently available online offers of their city or municipality has dropped to 47 percent this year. This is a decrease of 15 percentage points compared to the previous year (satisfaction also decreased significantly in Austria and Switzerland:

-13 and -8 percentage points, respectively). 66 percent consider the digital processing of official services to be a relief compared to going to the office and 70 percent can imagine doing more digital official visits in the future.

But the demands on digital administration are also increasing: all of the criteria for satisfaction were rated worse than in the previous year. The most striking declines concern the reliability of the systems, ease of use, up-to-dateness of the offers and the ability to find the required information.

Only two out of five citizens are of the opinion that enough digital processing options were offered during the pandemic. Barriers to use cause additional dissatisfaction, most frequently users mention services that are not offered online and a lack of consistency of offers (47 percent each).


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