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Acquisition reportThrough the acquisition reports, it is possible to access a series of data relating to the ways in which users reach the site.In addition to the presence of an overview that offers a summary view of the main metrics and dimensions useful for analyzing this type of data, the research can be deepened through the following sections:

all traffic makes it possible to isolate the data relating to the user acquisition channels, to the treemap (a graphic display of data on the performance of the channels), to the source and means of the visits, and finally to the sites that act as referrals;Adwords is the section that summarizes the performance of paid ad campaigns, organized by campaigns, treemaps, keywords, search queries, time of day and destination URL;

the optimization section for search engines contains useful data to implement improvements to the site from an SEO perspective, such as search queries, landing pages, and geographical summary, which prepares the data based on the location of origin of the users;

social is the section of the acquisition reports dedicated to social networks, which allows you to identify high-value networks and content, monitor user interaction with your on-site and off-site content and trace everything back to your final revenue through goals and conversions, offering data on sources and pages, to identify networks and communities

where people can interact with your content, on conversions, measure the value of social activity by monitoring objectives, conversions and e-commerce transactions, on social plug-ins, to measure the engagement of your users on the site, and on the flow of social users, to compare volumes and traffic patterns of users on your site;

finally, in the campaigns section, you can view the data relating to paid keywords, organic keywords, and cost analysis, to compare different channels, keywords, or campaigns.Behavior ReportThis section of Google Analytics focuses on your site or application (content, performance, search suitability and interactivity).

Let’s see together some sections of this report, to understand which data it considers and which analyzes it can guide.By clicking on Site Contents> Contents details you can view the data organized according to the categories (or sections) of the site.

The Events section of the behavior report contains data relating to user interactions based on the interactive elements of the site (file downloads, video playback, use of widgets and gadgets), and not on page views; the reports are organized by category, action (play, pause, stop) and label.

The Search section on the site, on the other hand, positioned above the section relating to events, is useful if there is a search bar on the site, as it  on searches carried out by users within the site. , in order to adapt its contents to user requests: for this purpose it is necessary to configure the view settings in the “Administration” section of the Google Analytics account.


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