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The training course is organized by Formez PA and AGID and intends to illustrate the operating methods and essential tools for carrying out the monitoring of ICT contracts effectively.

Art. 14-bis, paragraph 2 letter. h) of the CAD assigns to the AGID the function of “defining criteria and methods for monitoring the execution of contracts”, the Agency has prepared and issued the implementing circular no. 1 of 20 January 2021, effective from 11 February 2021.

Monitoring must be understood as a set of activities and processes, aimed at supporting the  the governance of IT contracts and to build a verification and control model of its information systems from a service perspective. In this vision, monitoring represents the tool to support the RTD to better carry out its responsibilities, such as:

general planning and coordination of the development policies of the Administrationservices in the field of information systems;general planning and coordination of ICT contracts;definition and control of policies and procedures for addressing, planning, coordination and monitoring of IT security;assessment of deviations and identification of corrective actions.

The Administrations concerned by Circular n.1 / 2021 are: the Central Administrations of the State, the Regions, the autonomous Provinces and the bodies connected to them, the ASL, the Hospitals and university hospitals, the Metropolitan Cities, the Local Authorities .

The course is aimed at RTDs, monitoring managers, technical and administrative officers engaged in contract management activities, in particular the process managers and contract execution managers.

The course takes place from 16 September to 21 October, is divided into 6 webinars each lasting 2 hours, on Thursdays from 14.30 to 16.30 on the following dates and with the following contents:

  • Webinar 1 – 16 September 2021 Contract monitoring circular n.1 / 2021: roles, responsibilities, obligations and organization for monitoring
  • Webinar 2 – 23 September 2021 Contract governance and monitoring life cycle
  • Webinar 3 – 30 September 2021 The monitoring plan and screening document
  • Webinar 4 – 07 October 2021 Essential elements for proper monitoring – the contractual progress report
  • Webinar 5 – 14 October 2021 Definition and measurement of objectives and monitoring indicators
  • Webinar 6 – 21 October 2021 Experiences of Public Administrations

The certificate of attendance is issued at the end of the cycle (after 6 webinars) to those who have participated in at least 4 webinars.The initiative is part of the activities of the project “Information and training for the digital transition Italy Login – the citizen’s home – Line 1 – Management of digital transformation” under the PON Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020.

The webinar on “Territorial data, towards monitoring INSPIRE 2021. How to improve and measure the quality of metadata, data and services” organized by AgID with the support of Formez PA in the context of of the training cycle “Open data and spatial data in the digital transformation of the PA”.

The webinar is aimed at providing administrations with practical indications and useful information on the use of the tools available at European and national level, to improve the documentation of data and services through quality metadata, their usability and increase their compliance with common rules in order to improve the overall performance of the Italian infrastructure in INSPIRE monitoring, the annual survey of which is scheduled for 15 December.


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