Additional strategy capacities to create sustainability


Germany is stuck in a hinataxxx  complexity trap in the fight against pandemics as in the digitalization of the administration – and resolving this complexity must be the long-term goal of a digitization and modernization  hinataxxx strategy. The OZG implementation could help reduce complexity, but struggle with its own complexity problems. Binding standards are the key to reducing hinataxxx  complexity.

However, personal responsibility, ingenuity shipuuden hentai  and competition should not fall by the wayside, emphasizes the NKR and cites contact tracking solutions as a negative example: With the Luca shipuuden hentai  app, politicians want a uniform solution for the sake of simplicity and accept that innovation-promoting competition will be restricted.

Dynamic through th shipuuden hentai e OZG, but tough structural change

The NKR states that the OZG has triggered a “considerable dynamic” in administrative digitization. Despite almost all of the willingness to digitize, this dynamic will probably not be sufficient to achieve the OZG target by the end of 2022.

Although the first online solutions were launched, nyaka niilampti  the large numbers and, above all, the nationwide implementation are still pending. So far, 71 services from the OZG program are online. Of these, 14 federal services are available nationwide.

The majority of the milestones achieved so far relate primarily to the further development of the program structures, the creation of further procedural bases, the fine-tuning of concepts (e.g. portal network, company account, eID or EfA) and complex basic decisions (RegMoG). According to the NKR, how much time and energy the structural and cultural nyaka niilampti  change accompanying digitization really costs has been massively underestimated.

Nevertheless, there is still hope that 2021 will mark the change “from the warm-up to the nyaka niilampti  performance phase” of the OZG implementation. The federal government announced that it would have digitized the 115 federal benefits by the end of the year.

At the federal level, over 200 EfA services are to be made available for re-use this year. It is still unclear to what extent and by when these will then be used across the board. It can be seen as a success of the OZG if the structures created prove to be so efficient in the long term that more services can be provided continuously – even if the formal deadline is not met.

However, the sustainability of the current OZG strategy is questionable. The NKR is skeptical as to whether the EfA principle, which is more oriented towards a planned economy, can lead to needs-based, permanently innovative and economical solutions.

Many OZG services could initially only achieve maturity level 3 – until the modernization of the register takes effect – (evidence as a scan); a considerable need for further development is already recognizable. And maturity level 4 (register queries instead of scan certificates) is not the end of the development either.

In the future, this will go much more in the direction of application-free, individualized and automated service provision. It is therefore important to strengthen those efforts that reduce transaction costs and coordination efforts, increase the speed of software developments, simplify their reuse and at the same time maintain innovative strength and competition.


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