Additional advantages of digital locking systems with door status monitoring


DoorMonitoring – the perfect solution for door monitoring

The specially developed DoorMonitoring system consists of a locking cylinder with door monitoring function and associated software solution. A sensor in the cylinder swivel screw reliably monitors the status of the door. An additional sensor in the deadbolt simultaneously checks whether the deadbolt is fully engaged or disengaged. The components in question allow for the recording of states and anomalies, with the ability to send status information over the network.

The door status monitoring system from SimonsVoss can be installed wirelessly and used within minutes.

Thanks to SmartSurveil it is possible to visually represent the door states, detected by DoorMonitoring. The program can be installed independently on a PC, using it separately from the management of the locking system, eg. to instruct the security service to monitor the doors.

For example, if a door were to remain open for too long, the security personnel would receive a signal, indicated directly in the building plan, with the possibility of starting the corresponding interventions.

Thanks to intelligent door status monitoring, doors can be grouped into monitoring groups to specifically monitor certain areas. Furthermore, it is possible to act directly on the ports connected to the network, eg. to carry out remote opening or emergency release. In order to optimize the representation, it is possible to load the building plans, transfer the doors to the plan by drag & drop and then indicate the updated status.

Door status monitoring – locking system% buffered00:0004:04Modern building systems have to meet extremely complex requirements. These are safety directives, unambiguously prescribed to protect buildings and people, valuables or data inside. In addition, some flexibility is required to be able to react to the most diverse conditions.

A digital locking system with Image Tag: Door status monitoring – intelligent door monitoring digital locking system meets the requirements, can be expanded quickly and ensures wireless operation. In addition, the installation of a system of this type has further advantages:

The term digital health, or e-health, refers to the application of some tools in the health sector, which allow the citizen to be able to comfortably use essential services for monitoring and booking visits and health services from the comfort of home. In detail, it refers to a wide range of health-related functions, including those relating to the relationship between doctor and patient.

Some of the areas involved are assistance, surveillance, the study to promote prevention and diagnosis but also the treatment and monitoring of conditions. Digital health represents a new frontier of communication between citizens and health structures that makes it possible to make specialist services available to all those who need them, even to those who cannot benefit from health resources.

The e-health system allows a more efficient communication that triggers a series of benefits: the citizen takes less time to search for a professional on the net and has the possibility of having a direct comparison by increasing trust in the system and in the professionals themselves.

Healthcare online contributes to the availability of essential information when and where necessary and is becoming increasingly important with the increase in the international circulation of citizens and the number of patients. E-health initiatives improve access to care, placing the citizen at the center of health systems.

They also contribute to increasing the overall efficiency and sustainability of the health sector. The issue of online health has long been at the center of numerous actions at all levels: European, national, regional and local, aimed at spreading e-health as a usual tool for operators, patients and citizens to improve the quality of care and productivity of the health sector.


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