Able to monitor everything


SocialMentionThe second place in this special ranking goes to SocialMention. This tool is widely used by web agencies, which through its use are  that is said on the web in reference to their brand or their services / products. SocialMention is a free application: considering that it acts on more than 100 social networks, it is undoubtedly among the best.

3) SemRushSemRush is a professional tool for web agencies and marketers.
Among its tools, there is the “Brand Monitoring” function, with which it is possible to track the performance of a brand, analyze it and use it as a benchmark.SemRush offers this functionality for 1 single project in the free version.

4) SeozoomIt is a tool that analyzes search engines in detail and through its use it is possible to identify which and how many sites are positioned based on keywords.
It also allows you to see which sites are citing keywords related to your brand.

5) MentionImmediately after we find Mention. Also in this case we are talking about a very powerful and effective tool, thanks to which you can monitor and manage your reputation. Unlike the previous tool, this is not free, as it boasts the presence of two different versions.

However, the free version still offers limited functionality which turns out to be very powerful. In fact, through this version, not only can you begin to effectively monitor everything that happens on the web, but you can also start doing some practice and understand how this type of tool works.

6) HootsuiteHootsuite, on the other hand, is much more common and used, particularly by social media experts. Through its use, in fact, it is possible to manage multiple accounts at the same time in a comfortable and simple way. In fact, it offers the possibility of scheduling the publication of content and many other useful functions for social media analytics.

After talking about monitoring and the main tools useful for this purpose, it is time to talk about:Management of your online reputation

Online reputation management is precisely about reputation management and is the set of activities aimed at increasing one’s reputation, eliminating all that is negative about it, promoting the positive aspects instead.Through this process, therefore, it is possible to make one’s reputation positive, so as to be able to be looked at with different eyes by users on the web.

Returning to the parallelism between online life and real life: the first impression, often, is what counts.Precisely for this reason, it is essential that people have a positive impression of you right away.

Precisely for this reason it is important to have an excellent reputation: if a user enters your site and sees only negative reviews, they will surely leave and never come back. Otherwise, however (so in the case of good and positive opinions), the user in question will surely be pleased to do business with you.

Online Reputation Management is therefore a very useful and important process, both for companies and individuals.First of all, it appears to be important for companies and brands: in fact, the more a company appears on the first pages of search engines, the more chances it has of attracting users.

In this way, users will not only see the site, but also all the reviews about it and all the social accounts connected to it.Even for individuals, managing their reputation plays a very important role: on the web, people are always looking for other people.

Because they may want information about you, your personal history, see your educational qualifications and previous work experience or even better, to try to hire you. For this reason, you must take into account that your social networks and your information will be visible and for this reason it is important to have a good reputation.


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