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PLAN THE FUTURE – THE HOUR OF THE CODEMIUR, in collaboration with CINI – National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics, has launched this initiative (which is part of the La buona Scuola program) with the aim of providing schools with a series of simple, fun and easily accessible tools for train students in the basic concepts of computer science

Read the MIUR circular of 2015 (the one of 2014 can be found here).Starting from a successful experience started in the USA which in 2013 saw the participation of about 40 million students and teachers from all over the world,

Italy will be one of the first countries in the world to experiment with the structural introduction of concepts in schools. basic computer science through programming (coding), using easy-to-use tools that do not require advanced computer skills.

Click on the image alongside to learn moreIF YOU WANT TO VIEW A SHORT VIDEO ON THE TIME OF THE CODE MADE DURING THE 2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR, CLICK BELOW(The releases of the families for the use of the images have been acquired)


The Generations Connected Project – SIC II intends to offer the school system a guided path that allows you to reflect on your own approach to issues related to online safety and the integration of digital technologies in teaching, take advantage of tools, materials and training meetings, equip yourself with an e-safety Policy, built in a participatory way involving the entire School Community, based on its own reality and on Action Plans.

The set of tools proposed for the realization of the path must therefore be understood as a toolbox, useful for identifying and satisfying the needs that will be brought into focus.Declaration of Rights on the Internet,

The talk show “Digital Generation” has as its protagonists a group of young people struggling with new technologies, teachers and experts from the 2.0 school. Inside a loft, where the new teaching and communication tools will be present, we will discuss innovations in the pedagogical field,

(such as the introduction of the electronic register, e-learning, learning objects , the production of video content in the classroom) with their relative social and anthropological impact: new tools correspond to different cognitive impacts.

It is called Socloo, it reads “so-clù” and is the acronym for SOCiaL schOOl, an Italian social learning platform inspired by the dynamics of social networks and e-learning platforms. It integrates the typical features of an e-learning platform with the advantages of communication, sharing and social collaboration.

The Marconi TSI Service is a very welcome guest at the , with speeches by Roberto Bondi and Gabriele Benassi. “Spatial emotions. Experiences and reflections on “digital environments”. It is held on February 26, at 3 pm, at the Open Group headquarters in Mura di Porta Galliera 1 / 2A, with the aim of promoting a reflection on how social, educational and didactic spaces are changing through digital technologies.


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